miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Sewing Patchwork Knitting Crochet & Autism

Hello World

We have started a blog with the simple idea to get fun and good time, and for who want to joint us. We are two friends who share many hobbies: sewing, patchwork and clothing, knitting, crochet, bags, amigurumi, scrapbooking, travel ...

We love the painting, the materials and designs of Japanese fabrics, threads (Habu), clothing patterns, sweaters, etc..
  Amigurumi Hearts

Amigurumi Hearts

We also share our job, we work at Barcelona (Spain) in a school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, which we like to involve in our own hobbies.

Autistics Painters   Autistics Painters  

We would like to show you some of his job for all parents, families and professionals to see how these kids can also enjoy, create and share.

This Blog is written in spanish but fortunatelly you have at the right side of the page the translate tool which will help you to undestand the basics of this blog.

Enjoy and share with us your comments or ideas. Click here to go to the Main Page

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